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латвийский чемпионат + дурка рейсинг (скутерные гонки) 2008

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  • латвийский чемпионат + дурка рейсинг (скутерные гонки) 2008

    Calendar 2008. scooter racing LV.

    Ot organizatora slihal 4to v glavnim prizom za pobedu sezona v racing klasah LV Cempionata, novij skuter (po hodu kitai, no poljubomu prijatno) !!!

    Durka Racing:

    1.posms, 1.maijs, „333” sporta komplekss.
    •-> Stuntriding’s, Drag Race
    2.posms, 31.maijs, Liepaja, Otanki.
    •-> Stuntriding’s
    3.posms, 28.junijs, „333” sporta komplekss.
    •-> Night racing
    4.posms, 26.julijs, Kandava.
    5.posms, 9./23.augusts, Daugavpils.
    6.posms, 6.septembris, Bikernieki, Riga

    LV Chempionat 2008:

    LC = o4ki za etap idjot v obshij zachot sezona chempionata Latvii.

    Maijs 4. SK 333 LC

    Maijs 10. Daugavpils

    Junijs 29. Daugavpils LC

    Julijs 13. Adazi

    Augusts 3. Kandava LC

    Augusts 10. Bikernieki, Riga LC

    Augusts 24. Jelgava LC

    Septembris 7. SK 333 LC

    Septembris 20. Daugavpils

    Vozmozhni izmenenia v kalendare!!!!!

    Последний раз редактировалось Котёнка; 11.02.2008, 04:10.
    RacingClan MotorSport: спортбайки, авто-мото-гонки, мото-разборка в Минске, мото-школа
    +375 29 777-8-666
    +375 25 777-8-666

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    Reglament na angliskom! Sorry no mne lenj na russkij perevoditj!

    Latvian Open Championship Road Racing scooter class.

    1. Scooter 50 standard class racer has to be dressed in compact material long trousers and jersey with long sleeve.
    2. Footwear has to cover ankle and has to be from compact material with hard sole.
    3. Obligatory is helmet and gloves.
    4. Forbidden to use motocross gloves.
    5. Helmet should be closed type with glass. If use opened type helmet – obligatory moto glasses.
    6. Obligatory also knee and ancon pad.
    7. In 50cc Racing, 80cc racing classes obligatory for motorcycle driving provided equipment with knee, ancon and lever pad.
    8. For motorcycle riding provided gloves
    9. For motorcycle riding provided boots over ankle.
    10. Recommendatory extra back pad.

    Technical rules:

    In 50cc Standard class for scooters:
    1. Can make easy technique by taking off: bearing, mirrors, winkers, sound signal, passenger footstep, number plate.
    2. Have to use original intake and exhaust system.
    3. Can remove limiter in exhaust.
    4. Carburettor can’t be bigger than 17.5mm.
    5. Original air filter system.
    6. Can’t change brake system (original only)
    7. Can’t fit up other ignition system and to change CDI.
    8. Can’t fit up racing (adjustable) shock absorber and front fork.
    9. Forbidden rear shock absorber lengthening.
    10. In 50cc standard class for scooters and mopeds has to be standard cylinder.

    1. 50cc standard class for scooters allowed to use:
    2. Other manufacturer variomatic and variomatic rollers
    3. Other manufacturer clutch springs and varimatic belt.
    4. For 50cc Racing and 80cc racing class allowed all kind rebuilding, tuning and modification what’s not in conflict with following rules:
    ? Engine work capacity has to match up with class profile.
    ? Engine exhaust system construction has to provide its constant movement all driving time. Racer with damaged exhaust system gets disqualify.
    ? Maximal allowed exhaust volume – 97dB
    ? All oil entry and exit screws have to be extra fastened for unscrewing.
    ? Allowed to use only industrially produced fuel tank.
    ? Fuel, oils and cooling liquid leak is not allowed.
    ? Forbidden NOS and turbo system use.

    Frame and running gear.
    ? Frame has to be commercial. Allowed to strengthen with extra weld or screwed on elements.
    ? Has to be single, operative brakes for front and rear wheel.
    ? Forbidden to change wheel base.
    ? In 50cc racing and 80cc racing classes allowed to use racing tyres (slick) and its heater.
    ? In maximal corner angle, in-between handle bar and whatever other (frame, fuel tank etc.) part has to be in minimum 20mm space.

    ? Until 12 years its obligatory parents or authorized person attendance during contest.
    ? All events happen for traffic closed territory wherewith driving license and insurance for technique is not needed.
    ? About competitor getting to start place in accordance with traffic rules organizers don’t responsible.


    ? 50 Standard Junior - 2 stroke scooters until 50ccm, 4 strokes until 100ccm, without changes and reconstruction, as well as mopeds (mofas) without gearbox, competitors until to 14 years age.
    ? 50Standard Senior – 2 stroke scooters until 50ccm, 4 strokes until 100cc, without changes and reconstruction, competitors from 14 years age.
    ? 50 Racing – 2 stroke scooters until 50ccm, 4 strokes until 100ccm, competitors from 12 years age.
    ? 80 Racing – 2 stroke scooters from 51ccm until 80ccm, 4 strokes from 101ccm until 125cm, competitors from 16 years age.

    Competitor age counts from he’s birthday

    Start numbers.
    On each competitor scooter front panel got to be start number, it has to see well. Side numbers recommendable.
    Number background, numbers paint, size.
    ? Scooters 50 Standard Junior/Senior – white background, black numbers.
    ? Scooters 50 Racing – yellow background, black numbers.
    ? Scooters 80 Racing - red background, white numbers.
    ? Minimal number size for all scooter classes: height 200mm, width 80mm, depth 20mm.
    ? Background at least should be 240mm x 240mm.

    • Competitor without number or with bad visible number is not allowed to race.
    • Ultimate decision about number accordance says technological control.
    • Competitor who announces oneself to race at organization day gets start number, what on these races grants competition secretariat and it saves to season end.
    • For all competitors its obligatory race organizator given sponsor stickers.

    Competition rules
    ? Time for free training, or qualification (if use time field-judge for time counting) gets appointed after registration. It can’t be shorter than 15min. for each class.
    ? Start succession determine by lottery or qualification results(if use time field-judge for time counting)
    ? Second start succession defines by first race results.
    ? In each class occur two races.
    ? Minimal competition race length are 10 laps, in bad weather condition (heavy rain, snow) possible distance cut-down (at least 7 laps) about what competitors get know before race.


    ? Protest has to be submitted in written form, pointed statute or rule pints, no longer than 20min after last competitor finish, and added 50Ls.
    ? If protest is not pleased, money stays in committee deed.
    ? If protest involving competitor scooter break-down, for protest got to be added extra 50Ls, break-down work do competitor (his mechanic), about who motorbike written protest.
    ? If protest what’s related with scooter break-down is disaffected, extra money (Ls 50) stays to rider against whose scooter/moped got passed out protest.
    ? If competitor refuses from scooter/moped break-down, his result in race stage gets cancelled.
    RacingClan MotorSport: спортбайки, авто-мото-гонки, мото-разборка в Минске, мото-школа
    +375 29 777-8-666
    +375 25 777-8-666


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      во,мля,народ кошмарит! ещё б чемпионат по гонкам на костылях устроили или драгрэйсинг на инвалидных колясках))))
      Никому нельзя верить-мне можно!


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        Zmicier, muzabbar - ещё раз и забаню тут обоих.
        всё личные разборки - в личку.
        Последний раз редактировалось Котёнка; 12.02.2008, 13:49.


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          Сообщение от Котёнка Посмотреть сообщение
          ещё раз и забаню тут обоих.
          всё личные разборки - в личку.
          Боялись очень:D . Тут и так пока тока мы и трёмся! кто останется?:b
          Никому нельзя верить-мне можно!


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            pitbull, это не тебе
            пара парней тут ссылки не поделили